Episode 081: Fun Da Mentals - Rapstrumentals

Listening to that Joey Bada$$ got me thinking on how much the rap world done changed. After Planet Rock was released it was abnormal to hear live instruments on a rap track. Now it's abnormal to hear a song with "just drums."

Episode 075: Fun Da Mentals - Murky (show 3)

That month flew by, but we always have more than enough Grime to fill an hour...not to mention their industry is like dancehall - hundreds of songs dropping daily. We have at least 8 of the newest and 9 older tracks for you right here.

Episode 073: Fun Da Mentals - Rap Lives

Although the music of Bobby Sessions, Nick Grant, & Porter Ray is completely different, what they all seem to be focused on is the Art of Rap & not chasing hits. And all of them appear to do something else similar…read. Clever punchlines, extensive vocabularies, & variety of topics, so long as there are Rappers like these three, Rap as an art form stands a chance of lasting a few more decades.

Episode 072: Fun Da Mentals - Funky Piano

if someone pressured me and forced me to name my favorite instruments to sample, I would answer almost matter-factly say the piano. and i can find hundreds of songs to support that. here's like...sixteen of em.

Episode 068: Fun Da Mentals - Brit Rock

I must admit...every once in awhile, I need some different sounds, different subject matter, different vibes and from 97 at least until 04, aside from garage and grime, this was my go to music.